About Us

KJS ORGANIKS is a Cameroon based company that is dedicated to services related to foodstuffs supplies and other related services.

Created by people with the love for quality foodstuffs and the role it plays in the wellness of humans.

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Our Strength

We offer diverse services related to the wellness of our clients both in and out of Cameroon. Our services are geared towards the satisfaction of our clients and their needs are always taken into consideration when serving them.

Solid team

A solid team of diverse personnel that understands the company’s business.


Our products are available for supplies at all times.

Supply Network

Our well-established international supply network.

Foodstuffs from Cameroon

We supply both raw and processed organic foodstuffs and products to clients in and out of Cameroon.

Our services

Organic Foodstuff supplies

We are your reliable partner for the supplies of organic products from Cameroon.

We can supply any quantity you need for your different needs.

Catering services

Our catering services relief you of the burden of taking good care of your personnel, invitees, guest, etc. 

We can supply food wherever you need it for whatever purpose. We are here for you.


Our organic product include cassava, yams, plantain, potato, sweet potatoes, maize, beans, millet, a wide variety of cocoyams, and many vegetables.

We can get whatever you need at every given time. Trust us!

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